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Our recruiters work together cooperatively to better serve thier clients and candidates. Below are just some of the recent career opportunities filled by our network of recruiters.

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  • Tax Manager:  $125,000  NYC  NY     

Tax Executive Recruiter in New York City had a client who needed to hire a Tax Manager quickly. The recruiter posted the job online to Accounting Career Network. Another network NYC Recruiter saw the opening and was able to send him a tax professional who had the skill set his client was looking for. The tax professional  was hired!  Perfect example of the power of networking. 

  • Senior Internal Auditor:  $78,000 Houston TX

A Houston Accounting Recruiter posted an Senior Internal Audit job in Houston to Accounting Career Network. A Chicago Audit Recruiter  sent her a resume of a Big 4 Senior Internal Auditor who was open to relocation. The Auditor flew down for two days of interivew and was hired!

  •  Controller:   $115,000  NYC NY

A NYC Accounting Recruiter has a daily candidate alert set up to see newly registered accounting candidates who live in a 180 mile radius of NYC. A controller in his local market caught his eye. The recruiter was impressed with his resume and called. Two weeks later he called the controller and presented him with an outstanding career opportunity. The Controller went through 3 interviews and was hired! It pays to post your profile and resume to and let recruiters find you!   

  •  Corporate Tax Manager:  $130,000  Tampa FL

 A Corporate Tax Manager had registered thier resume on the Accounting Career Network and indicated they wanted to relocate from Atlanta to Tampa FL.  A Tampa Accounting Recruiter found the Corporate Tax Manager's profile/resume on Accounting Career Network. The Tampa Recruiter had several career opportunties for the Corporate Tax Manager. The Tax Manager was working with top company and had great career/life balance. 

  • Director of Audit:  $170,000 Hartford CT

An Accounting recruiter who works in CT (New Haven, Milford, Stamford, Shelton, Norwalk, Hartford, etc) had a confidential Director of Audit search from one of his top clients. He reached out and called his network of accounting recruiters who work with Audit Directors. The CT Recruiter received Director of Audit Candidates from his recruiting partners in St. Louis and Washington DC. Both Auditors went through the interview process and the client hired the Director of Audit from Washington DC.

  • Senior Financial Analyst:  $65,000 - Austin TX


  • Financial Audit Manager:  $120,000 - Pittsburg PA

A Financial Audit Manager located in NY registered his resume on our site and searched  for Audit Recruiters who work in Pittsburg or Philadelphia PA.  The Audit Recruiter contacted a few of his client decision makers and quickly arranged three interviews and the audit manager received three offers and accepted one at a substantial increase in pay, in the exact location he wanted.  It pays to know audit recruiters who can help you leverage your career.

  • Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis:  $90,000 - TX

    The manager of financial planning was invited to register on the Accounting Career Network by a network who did not have a suitable opportunity for the manager of financial planning at that time.  The candidate saw a job posting by an accounting recruiter in OK and applied, but nothing came of it.  Shortly thereafter, another accounting recruiter member in TX had another similar opportunity and it turned out to be a perfect fit.  The manager of financial planning and analysis accepted the job at a substantial increase.

  • CPA:  $85,000 - NC
    One of our accounting recruiters had a CPA job in Charlotte, NC.  The CPA had registered on Accounting Career Network site and the recruiter saw the resume.  The resume was poorly written but the recruiter called the CPA anyway.  The candidate had more experience than the resume indicated; high energy level and was very professional.  CPA got the job at a 40% increase in salary.  Moral of the story?  Resumes don’t tell the full story.


  • Director of Corporate Accounting:  $120,000 - NJ

    An accounting recruiter in NJ was contacted by a corporate accountant who found him on  The accounting recruiter was able to help the accountant find a great new job as director of corporate accounting in NJ.  It pays to establish relationships with accounting recruiting specialists.








































































































































































































































































































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  • Director of Financial Reporting:  $95,000 - VA

    An accounting recruiter in Maryland was working on a director of financial report job in VA.  The recruiter had setup a candidate search alert to notify him when a suitable candidate registered on Accounting Career Network.  The candidate search alerted him to the new registration of a candidate that fit the requirements for the Director of Financial Reporting.  The candidate was in North Carolina but successfully relocated to VA.  The Accounting Career Network has many automated features to help connect recruiters with accounting professionals.

  • International Tax Accountant:  $175,000 - FL

    One of our accounting and finance recruiter members who normally works internationally had a client in FL who needed an international tax accountant.  The recruiter posed the job to the Accounting Career Network and another recruiter who specializes in tax saw the job and had a great candidate who wanted to relocate to FL.  A win-win for everyone.

  • Accounting Manager:  $75,000 - CA

    An accounting and finance recruiter in Tennessee had a need for an accounting manager for a client in CA.  She posted the job to the Accounting Career Network.  An accounting recruiter in Arizona knew of an accounting manager in CA who was an excellent fit.  Another example of the power of the network.

  • Special Projects and Sarbanes Oxley Manager:  $110,000 - KS

    An account recruiter in Chicago, IL, had a client with a need for a Sarbanes Oxley manager in Kansas City, KS.  Another recruiter in CO saw the posting and knew of an excellent candidate in Colorado who wanted to relocate back to KS city which was where his family was.  So from Illinois to Colorado to Kansas City, the power of networking was once again demonstrated with a successful hire.

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