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Membership Services

Membership Services

Over the last 20 years we have developed time-proven techniques and tools that can help you leverage your existing resources (jobs and candidates), make more money and better serve your clients and candidates. 


When you join our network you'll benefit from the following services:


1.  Search our Private Database of Candidates!  You'll find THOUSANDS of both public and member-invited candidates to fill your jobs faster!


2.  Unlimited Automated Candidate Search Alerts!  This is a great way of being notified when candidates meeting your job specs register on the site!  What a time saver!


3.  FREE Unlimited Job Postings on our Websites!  Public candidates apply directly to your job and members contact you with their candidates - both of which help you find difficult jobs faster as well as build your personal database for future placements!


4.  Weekly List of HOT JOBS Members Need Candidates For!  These "A" list jobs helps you place your candidates on other member's jobs -- and possibly place your otherwise hard to place candidates due to their relocation preferences, qualifications or available job opportunities.


5.  On-Line Membership Directory of Member Recruiters.  Find and network with other recruiters by specialty and geographic area of coverage.  You'll get to know the members you can call for help and who you can send your candidates to when you aren't able to place them in your job orders.


6.  "One-on-One" Networking with a Group of Honest, Relationship-Driven Members.  Our network encourages members to pick up the telephone and work 1:1!


7.  Automated System to Invite Your Candidates to Register as Your Candidate in our Database.  What a time-saver!  When you use our automated system to invite your candidates to register in the network database they are automatically coded as belonging to you when they register. Once registered they can apply online to other member's jobs and if they are placed you split the fee!


8.  Use of our Automated Resume Parser to Upload Your Candidates!Getting your candidates into the database is easy!  Submit their resume file, answer a few simple questions and your candidate is available to all of the recruiters in our network -- and marked as being YOUR candidate!


9.  Annual Member-Only Meetings!  Our membership meetings offer 1:1 networking opportunities as well as a forum to address issues and seek solutions to common problems we all face (i.e. how to expand your business).  The ideas, information and relationships we develop during this experience are priceless! 


10.  Access Current "Best Practice" White Papers On Line.  We offer access to current "best practice" white papers and other valuable resources, such as "Disaster Recovery - What to do ahead of time and prepare for a natural disaster," written by a member and a Katrina survivor.


11. Gain new clients! Clients contact us regularly for recommendations and we refer appropriate members.


12. Expand the type of placements you make with existing customers. Use the network to help fill positions you don't normally work.

Want to benefit from these services and more?
We have a 20-year track record of proven tools and people that can help you make more money!




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