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Membership Process

Membership Process

Our membership selection process is the backbone of our success.  Membership is a serious strategic consideration for both the potential new member and our network. A deliberate consideration of mutual interest, expectations and needs is an important first step. That's usually done by phone.


If our conversation seems promising, we'll send you a more detailed information package.  After reviewing the information, we will talk again to answer any questions you might have.  Most importantly, we will both tentatively decide if we think your membership makes sense.


Here is an overview of how the process works: 


1. Submit a Membership Application so we may begin checking your references.  Receipt of application is published to the membership for comments and/or previous experience with the applicant.  We will phone you to let you know the status of your application when the reference checks are completed. 


If accepted for membership you will need to do the following:


2. Mail a hard copy of your membership application (signed) along with a check to cover your one-time processing fee (to cover our time processing the application, setting you up in the database and the training costs for you & your staff). Our online application system makes it easy for you to print a .pdf version so you can print and return it to our office.


3. Complete an Affiliate Agreement (for owners) and return to our office vial fax or snail mail.


4. Fill out the Recruiter System User Agreement (for anyone who will have access to the web site) and return to our office via fax or snail mail. 


5. Have every recruiter in your firm who will have access to the website read and sign the policy & procedures manual and complete the policy & procedures test (online).  This ensures that everyone has read and understands the policies & procedures manual.  If you prefer not to take the test on line, you may alternately fax the test to our office.  We will review the completed tests and discuss incorrect answers during our scheduled training so that everyone will have a clear understanding of how we work together.


6. We will schedule all users in your firm in one of our weekly website training sessions.  (approximately 1 hr)


7. We will set up your account(s), including passwords, create your link for candidate registration & establish a directory listing/bio about your firm, its geographic areas of practice and its functional specialties. We'll then email your login information to you.


8. We will announce your membership to our members and you will be ready to start enjoying the benefits of membership!




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