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We've Made a Lot of Placements

“The network has been great for finding candidates all across the country and really pulling in people we would not have found. Glad to be here for another year. We’ve made a lot of placements as a result of being in the network.”
Dave, New York Accounting & Tax Recruiting Firm Owner


Expanded Service to Clients & Candidates

“Through the network I have met and formed business partnerships with some of the most impressive and reputable accounting recruiters in the industry. As a locally focused recruiter, the national nature of the network has provided me with an opportunity to fill jobs in areas of the country that I never would have previously and to fill jobs for my clients with candidates that I never would have otherwise had exposure to. Everyone I have met is honest and agreeable and always willing to share ideas with other members on a variety of topics and issues facing recruiters today.”
Ellen, New York Accounting Recruiting Firm Owner

Financial & Networking Benefits

"As a smaller firm, the network offers us a variety of resources to maintain a competitive edge in this fast-moving market. In addition, I have developed genuine relationships with other recruiters that otherwise would not have happened. This has not only helped me financially, but has also enabled me to share information, problems, successes, and failures. It's the sharing and communications with other members that I like the most."
Larry, National Tax Recruiting Firm Owner

It's Like Hiring 60 More People

"The number one reason you need to join is to expand your network... it's like hiring 60 more people in your company."
Khristie, Accounting Recruiter / Member - Top Contract Placement Firm!

Being a Member Expands My Business

"It gives you the ability and confidence to take on searches that you normally wouldn't do because you don't think that they are in your geographic area or you just get too busy and you've got too much on your plate... It's like working at a huge firm... this gives you a much broader reach."
Ellen, New York Accounting Recruiting Firm Owner


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