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We get a lot of calls from job seekers looking to talk with a recruiter, unsure of how to best reach them and market themselves. As a result, we decided to give you our very best advice. This page is worth reading!!!

  1. The first step to success with our recruiters is to REGISTER for FREE online! When you register and submit your resume the wheels of our network start working for you right away! Our recruiters have "candidate alerts" set up. If your profile matches what they are looking for they are sent an email with a direct link to your profile the very next day! This is much better than cold-calling or emailing without being registered, which is why you have to register in order to contact our recruiters.
  2. Now you can search for jobs and apply on-line immediately! The first option inside our job seeker area allows you to search the jobs our recruiters have posted as available. Remember, these jobs are often privately contracted with recruiters and often not made public! For the jobs you qualify for and are interested in you can apply on-line and without waiting! Your application (i.e. the resume/profile you registered in the system) goes directly to the recruiter responsible for that job! You will receive a confirmation email for each application you submit.
  3. Next, set up your own job alerts! New jobs are added to our system every day. As a registered job seeker you can set up an UNLIMITED number of job alerts. When new jobs match your job alert criteria you'll get an email the very next day with a direct link to the job(s)! Keep in mind the LESS specific your job alerts are, the better. If you are too specific your job matches will be smaller. You can always edit your job alert criteria to be more specific if you are getting too many job alerts.
  4. And, yes, "introduce" yourself to our recruiters! Inside our job seeker area you'll find a button titled "Find Recruiters." Here you can search by functional specialty to find recruiters that specialize in your job area. You can then look to see which of those recruiters works the geographic area you are interested in. We recommend that you email each recruiter that works in your specialty and geographic area, including "national" recuiters, recruiters that work your desired region, state or even city. We recommend you send a "cover letter" of sorts -- introducing yourself, a little about your experience and what you're looking for. Be sure to tell the recuiter what your "NBN number" is (this you were assigned when you signed up). This number makes it very easy for our recruiters to look up your resume/profile in our system! You do not need to attach a resume. Your NBN number is all they need. One tip about jobs -- remember that not all recruiters post ALL their jobs so introducing yourself is highly recommended! Recruiters prefer to get first introductions by email. Cold calling is not recommended, which is why we make it easy to look up and use our recruiter emails.

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